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You can have the quilt of your dreams...

Custom Orders

I enjoy doing custom quilts and am happy to take an order based on a specific design concept and/or color palette. I do not do quilting full time (at least not yet) and have between 5 and 15 hours per week of 'spare' time for this, so I am not generally able to take 'rush' orders. You can place an order for a ready-to use quilt (Option A below) or an unquilted, pieced top (Option B).

Price is based on 115% of cost of materials (if I provide them), verified by photocopy of purchase receipt, plus my time at $10 per hour. Time required to complete an item depends on size and complexity: I will provide a detailed time estimate that you approve before I start work - the agreed-upon price is final, even if it takes me substantially longer to finish than stated in the estimate.

Option A: Custom quilt, completed item

    Sample costs:

  • Double bed quilt, simple piecing, straight line quilting $350
  • Baby quilt, simple piecing, some curved quilting $125

Option B: Custom quilt top

    Sample Costs:

  • Double bed quilt top, simple piecing $160
  • Baby quilt top, simple piecing $60

Options for finishing your custom quilt top:

  1. Have your own 'quilting bee' with family or friends to produce a perfectly serviceable 'tied quilt.' If you can sew on a button, you have the skills needed. Detailed instructions on how to tie a quilt are available at no extra charge upon request.
  2. Send the quilt top to a business that specializes in finishing quilts but not making tops (there are a variety of both machine and hand quilting sources).
  3. Back the pieced top with fabric and no batting layer, and use the piece as a designer bed cover rather than a quilt.

THE TRADE-OFF: If you purchase only a pieced top and not a completed quilt, I will not provide a quilter's identification label for the item, since I only sign my name to completed quilts that are consistent with my quality standards. This reduces the quilt's value as a collectors item.

















Definition of 'simple' or 'complex', and time estimates for phases of       

  • Simple piecing - straight line sewing, pieces no smaller than 6 inches square on average, single fabric strip border
  • Moderate piecing - might include some curved piecing or applique, smaller pieces, or a pieced quilt border (but not all of the above)
  • Complex piecing - very small pieces or pictoral quilt such as landscape scene, extensive applique, or combination of techniques noted above.

Total time to complete a ready-to-use quilt can range from 7 hours on the low end (e.g. simple baby quilt) to 120 hours or more on the high end (complex design, hand work, extensive quilting). Here is a list of the steps involved and average time it takes for me to make a quality quilt:

  • Choose and adapt design, calculate fabric requirements - 30 min. to 10 hours, depending on complexity and uniqueness of design;
  • Select and gather fabrics - 30 minutes to 5 hours depending on number of fabrics used in design;
  • Prepare and cut fabrics - 1 to 7 hours (or more) depending on number of pieces to be used, marking and cutting curved shapes, et cetera;
  • Piece quilt top - 2 to 50 hours depending on size, complexity and whether hand applique or embroidery is included in design;
  • Prepare and iron backing, stretch and baste layers together to prepare for quilting - 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on quilt size;
  • Machine quilt all layers - 2 to 40 hours depending on complexity (NOTE: I do excellent hand quilting, but you know those nice hand-quilted full-size beauties? It takes 100 to 500 hours to hand-quilt a full size spread, depending on how small the stitches are and detail of the design!);
  • Prepare and sew matching binding for the quilt - 1 to 4 hours.

© 2005 Denise Konicek