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‘Purplexed’ 77” X 85”
Machine pieced, machine quilted
Private collection
Completed 2002, Exhibited in 2004 Minnesota Quilters show

The title of the quilt seemed inevitable, given its color scheme and border motif. I originally intended this one to be a wall quilt featuring the center rectangle (adapted from one of Dover Publications’ many fine design books), but the strong graphic cried out for at least one border. Although it is difficult to see in the website photos, ‘Purplexed’ has intensive machine quilting which took over 100 hours to complete.


French Provincial/Royalty Reversible 90” X 102”
Machine pieced, machine quilted
Private collection
Completed 2002 as wedding gift

One of my nieces asked for a colorful but tough quilt as her wedding gift. Using sample squares of heavier-weight home decorator cottons and cotton/rayon blends, I designed a floral composition (she is a horticulturist) for the quilt top. Her husband’s favorite color is purple, and I could not resist making a reversible quilt that would honor both of them.
I have a wonderful stash of heavy-weight cottons and create my own bed throws to protect my own quilts, since our dogs are allowed to sleep on the bed. If you would like a one-of-a-kind quilt or bed throw that has staying power, consider commissioning one of these!


‘Feathered God’s Eye’ 41” X 41”
Hand embroidery and appliqué, machine pieced, machine quilted
Cottons, cotton batting
Available: $400

For this piece I was inspired to use two classic hand quilting patterns to create decorative borders for the eye-popping center square – the ‘god’s eye’. The feathered cording and swag motifs are embroidered on the black fabric using full, 6-strand, toned embroidery floss. Meander quilting on the background emphasizes the border patterns and adds dimension. The center square is bordered by a multi-color ‘S’ pattern trim that contributes additional texture to the surface.


‘All Creatures Great and Small’ 45” X 60”
Freehand drawing and painting on fabric, machine pieced, hand and machine quilted
Cottons, cotton batting, hanging sleeve
Completed 2001, Exhibited at the 2002 A Quilter’s Gathering show, Nashua NH
Available: $800

When I saw the border fabric in this quilt with its tiny primitive animal drawings, the entire design quickly materialized. I had recently finished reading ‘The Quiltmaker’s Gift’ and companion quilt book – the featured Children’s Delight’ quilt block was a natural for framing the enlarged, hand-drawn animals. I challenged myself to create one different pose and four additional animals in the style of the original print. Most people have to really look to identify the interlopers. The hand quilting around the animals is 8 stitches per inch.


‘ Color Wash #1’ 77” X 90”
Machine pieced, machine quilted
Cottons, cotton batting, hanging sleeve
Completed 2001, verbal appraisal by Vivian Sayre 8/04 for $1250
Available: $900

Almost a charm quilt, with over 200 different fabrics in the design, this piece creates a strong but peaceful impact either on a wall or on a bed. Stitch-in-the-ditch quilting of the central color wash, and design-specific quilting in the border. The quilt back is a tan mini-print reproduction fabric (circa 1850s) that highlights the quilting nicely. Although Ms. Sayre said she would price it higher, I am comfortable with selling it for less.


‘High TECHnicolor’ 33” X 33”
Machine pieced, machine quilted
Cottons, cotton batting
Available: $120

This theme quilt features a nine-light framing of a computer-print fabric. The green sashing fabric has disk-like circles, and the border fabric is reminiscent of a tangle of computer cords and wires. The perfect gift for the newborn of some highly-computerized couple you know, or perhaps the perfect wall quilt to bring a smile to the face of your favorite computer whiz! Back fabric is a bright primary-colors print of toucans, parrots and jungle plants.


‘Ocean Life’ 50” X 50”
Machine pieced, machine quilted
Cottons, cotton batting
Available: $180

Part of the fun of quilting is collecting interesting fabrics. Once I had accumulated a number of ocean-related prints, I grouped them in this simple diagonal and surrounded them in a wavy, shore-like brown with a deep ocean-blue border. Perfect size for a lap quilt or wall hanging.



‘Sea Life/Hearts’ Reversible 67 X 78
Machine pieced, machine quilted
Top: heavy-weight cottons, Back: cotton; high loft polyester batting
Available: $450

Single-bed size, warm quilt that would make a terrific gift for a young person. Completely reversible, it has pre-washed pastel sea-print decorator fabrics on one side and an outrageously bold hearts print on the reverse side. Could be the ultimate mood indicator depending on which side is up!



‘Peppered, With Flowers’ 51” X 51”
Machine pieced, machine quilted, two matching pillows each 14” square
Cottons, cotton quilt batting, polyester pillow fill
Available: $225 for the set

A blended nine-light quilt with design-appropriate quilting and matching pillows.

‘Sunlit Strips’ 85” X 90”
Machine pieced, hand quilted
Cottons, flannel sheet for batting
Artist’s collection

For a number of reasons, I will not part with this quilt. My wonderful husband cut every single piece of fabric and helped with the design. This is my only joint project of this type with him, and it has a special place in our life. It is also entirely hand quilted. I laughed out loud when I read quilter Ruth McDowell’s recounting of her first project – she and I made the same mistake in using a densely-woven sheeting fabric in the quilt, which makes hand quilting twice as hard as it should be.


‘Puss in the Corner – Not!’ 77” X 86”
Machine pieced
Long-arm quilting by Arlene Edelstein
Cottons, poly batting
Private collection

In the traditional block called Pussy in the Corner, the cat is symbolized by the smallest fabric patch. However in this quilt it made the most design sense to use a brighter (blue) accent fabric for the small patch. The cat print is used for the alternating, non-pieced blocks, and the entire quilt is overlaid with a reclining cat pantogram pattern. Therefore the Puss is everywhere except in its traditional corner – what else would you expect from a cat.


‘Interlocking Squares’ 80” X 88”
Machine pieced, machine quilted
Cottons, cotton batting
Private collection

This quilt design was taken from a Japanese quilting book. I have not seen the design in older American quilts so assume it is Japanese in origin. The striped fabric was a challenge to cut and piece accurately so that all the stripes lined up. The quilt was donated to one of my favorite nonprofit agencies (and former employer) for fundraising, and I am pleased to say that one of my long-time co-workers was the winning bidder. She and her husband had just completed a new family room, and the quilt has been hung on the wall as the focal point. It has found a good home!


Dream House
34” W x 28” H
Machine piecing

Hand & machine appliqué

Machine quilted
© 2006 Denise Konicek