Artist’s Statement


“Dream House” is an art quilt in response to Winchester Artists Network 2005 challenge to create a donated theme work to be sold at auction in support of the local public schools’ arts budget.

The concept began with a concrete image of a house, which is a simplified version of an early 20th century American custom home designed in an idealized ‘Italianate’ style. In this way, the quilt pays tribute to the common meaning of the phrase dream house. I made the house first then began constructing its environment, which soon took on a life of its own.

Many thoughts began emerging – first, that a ‘dream house’ must also have love and warmth inside, or the most magnificent castle is merely a cold, fancy prison. In the upper left corner is the oldest named quilt square – ‘log cabin’ – whose center is traditionally red to signify the hearth (heart) of a home.

The upper half above the house is a glorious mature shade tree. This emerged as a somewhat surreal image in the quilt, and I realized that it had become my requiem for the loss of two wonderful old trees on our lot this past year (man-made and storm damage combined with carpenter ant colonies and advanced age). The trees are no longer there – I can only dream about them and the shade they provided from the summer sun.

The lower half is abstract linear design. If you see the house only against this backdrop, you realize that it appears isolated and out of context. The living things around a house – both plants and animals – play an important part in creating a ‘dream house.’ I am extremely fortunate to live within two minutes’ walk of a thousand acre park reserve where I hike daily. I am acutely aware of the added value this location brings to my life.

A dream house means many things to many people. I hope the images in this quilt are a stimulus to consider what it means to you. 

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