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2004 was a good year for showing quilts! Now let's see what 2005 brings...

Just completed the Dream House quilt for a fundraising event for the local elementary schools' recently-slashed arts program. The upper left corner patch with red center is one of the oldest named quilt squares, 'Log Cabin', which of course had to be part of the image.

Geisha at the Water’s Edge was accepted to be shown at the Images Quilt Show, another national-level juried event, that was held in Lowell MA August 5-8, 2004. For information about the show go to www.lowellquiltfestival.org.

My first solo quilt show was a month-long exhibit in downtown Winchester as part of the 'Art in August' festival.

JUNE 2004
One of my art quilts entitled Thirty White Horses has been accepted for the Proverbial Challenge ‘Riddle Me This’ contest and will be touring nationally for three years from fall 2004 through June 2007. Go to Proverbial Challenge for a view of all the riddle quilts later this year and information about where to view the quilts in person as they tour.

JUNE 2004
was accepted to be shown at the Minnesota Quilters Show, a national-level juried event, held in Rochester MN June 12-15, 2004.


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